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Banging the Drum for British Dairy Farmers

We’re doing our bit to help support local Yorkshire farmers and this is reflected in the quality of our shop produce.

Fodder customers have given a resounding endorsement to its initiative to support local Yorkshire dairy farmers and counteract the confusion shoppers face when trying to buy British dairy products.

In February last year Fodder began paying a premium price of 32p per litre to its milk suppliers rather than the average farm gate price of 27.14p. The initiative received recognition by the Yorkshire Post in its “buy British campaign” and figures just released for 2015 show a 19% increase in Fodder sales of milk, cheese and yoghurts.

There is an additional benefit to the farming industry as Fodder gift aids all its profits to the Yorkshire Agricultural Society to assist in its support of agriculture.

Heather Parry, Managing Director said: “This reflects the growing support by our customers for our policy of buying locally, paying a price which gives a fair return to farmers and is still competitive for shoppers. Our customers care about their food, where it comes from and how it’s produced and this is clear evidence of that.”

Under EU rules dairy products can be labelled as produced in whichever country they were processed last, rather than where they are actually from. To address this, Fodder joined with supplier Dales Dairies of Grassington to introduce the initiative. The premium price continues to be paid and is even more important as the average farm gate price has slipped still further.

Heather added: “More and more shoppers appreciate farmers and the important role they play in producing our food. Nobody wants imported milk – your daily pint coming from another country is unthinkable. Together with the Yorkshire Post campaign, we have made people think – and we continue to wave the flag for British milk and in particular for Yorkshire farmers.” Take a look at some of our suppliers here and read more about how we’re doing our bit to help local Yorkshire farmers.