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“Fodder has created a proper food hall that showcases the best of Yorkshire’s produce, but it does so at a price which makes it genuinely accessible to ordinary people. It is a welcome and thrilling venture.”

Jay Rayner, Food Critic for the Observer and BBC1 One Show Presenter.

Fodder buys directly from the farm and pays a good price to our farmers but we are also keen that buying the best local food should not break the bank – we like affordable Fodder! Our staff are trained to help and we enjoy coming up with new recipes and quick ideas to give you the inspiration to create wonderful meals using fresh produce.

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Not only do we sell everything you need from meat through to vegetables, cakes, puddings, cheese and preserves we have a gift area which all started because the gamekeeper’s wife made cushions, so we started selling them and then had fun looking out for local crafts and gifts. Oh and we also have a great selection of cards too.