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We appreciate great Yorkshire value as much as you do, that’s why we try our best to think of the economical offers that make sense without squeezing our suppliers too much!

All our meat is fresh, therefore feel free to fill your baskets and stock up your freezer with our meat special offers.

Fodder Bacon Offers
Fodder Butchery Offers

3 for £10 butchery pre-packs

Mix and match – includes mince, chicken fillets, stewing beef and sausages

2 for £10 butchery pre-packs

This includes some of our more specialist products for example our twin packs of filled, marinated chicken parcels and even steaks!

3 for £6 on bacon pre-packs

This includes all our different types of bacon sealed into longer life packaging

3 for £10 on Curry Sauce Company curry sauces, excellent shelf life and these only need refrigerating once they are open.

Great to have in as all you need to do is add your favourite meat.

Fodder Curry Sauce

Curry Sauce offer

3 for £10 on The Curry Sauce Company curry sauces

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All offers are subject to availability.