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Fodder is one of the commercial activities of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society.

The profits from Fodder go directly to the Society, a registered charity, and help contribute to the funding of the Society’s charitable work. The charitable work of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society provides help to children, teachers and people in the rural community, through education, development and support.

Fodder profits go to charity
Award winning Fodder farm shop and cafe

Award Winning Fodder

We have been amazed and delighted to win a large number of awards since we opened in 2009. These awards recognise that we are in a sustainable building, have fantastic suppliers, happy customers and a wonderful team of people who work at Fodder.

Gluten Free Fodder

We have worked hard to source suitable gluten free products which cover a range of goods from breads to curry sauces, stuffings, crackers and sweet treats. We even have details of our special gluten free Christmas products too.

Gluten is found in foods made with grains, such as barley, wheat and rye, and over the last couple of years many retailers, including ourselves, have made the move to offer a range of products that are clearly marked gluten free, meaning our gluten free customers can enjoy some of the finest produce without compromising on quality or taste.

Gluten free fodder

Our Valued Suppliers

Farmers are the keepers of our land. They ensure that the land is managed to the best of their abilities and this also makes it look beautiful for us too. Loving local also means that the supplies have travelled less food miles and are normally fresher. Most of our produce has been picked fresh that morning straight from the field. Without the need for artificial ripening this also means less packaging too.

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