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Rapeseed Oil
Stephen Jones
Wharfe Valley Farm, Collingham

“We now support over 350 farmers and small producers and have a growing number of loyal and lovely customers. We have a team of over 40 people including 4 butchers, 5 chefs, a café team and our shop team ably supported by ‘our clever backroom girls’. Our ethos is to make visiting Fodder a great experience, whether eating in the café or buying from our food hall”

..then we thought we shop and we eat – how difficult can it be to run a shop and café…?!

To be fair; there is slightly more to it than we first thought (but we really enjoyed all the tasting that was a key part of choosing the very best to sell!) and thus every day is an adventure – but Fodder is alive and well and we are having fun being the very best we can be.

As we are not located on a farm, technically we are not a Farm Shop, however, our shop and cafe are supplied by Yorkshire farmers and producers. We have a lovely cafe offering panoramic views across Crimple Valley for you to enjoy while working your way through our delicious menu.

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Ian Taylor
Burton Leonard
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