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Here at Fodder we concentrate on top quality local produce and if it happens to be organic too that is great. We stock a range of organic fresh produce grown by the wonderful Rosemary Wass at her Farm at Fadmoor, the range depends on season.

Our local fresh produce is labelled with the growers name and where it comes from to help you pick out the organic items if you so wish. Most of Rosemary’s range starts coming in from July onwards and will see us through to Christmas. 

As well as fresh vegetables we also stock organic milk and cream direct from Acorn Dairy and you will be able to start the day the right way here at Fodder as we stock organic porridge oats, granola and muesli as well. And if you fancy a tipple or two we have an organic lager, cider and even an organic chocolate stout.

Fodder J.Stringer & Sons Porridge Oats
Fodder Cordial

“If you fancy something non-alcoholic try our range of organic cordials including elderflower, lemon or the ginger and lemon. We love the cordials and the porridge oats so much we even serve them in our café”

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